Guidance for Managers

The Health Insurance Training Center for New York State Health Insurance Programs (HITC) offers a number of training opportunities to Local Departments of Social Services (LDSS) staff; participants and health plans participating in the Facilitated Enrollment (FE) program; and any other entities, as determined by the New York State Department of Health, that assist individuals enrolling in health insurance. Our training programs are designed using adult learning principles and incorporate a number of activities and opportunities that apply concepts to the "real enrollment world". Managers play a critical role in identifying staff training needs, selecting staff for training programs, and tracking and supporting learning to ensure "real world" implementation.

Support Learning

Managers can encourage staff learning pre- and post-training in a number of ways:


• Review the training objectives with the staff prior to the training event.
• Identify at least one expectation that you have for the staff person as a result of attending the training.


• Review training materials with individual staff post-training.
• Ask staff to present/ share training information after a training event during a staff meeting.
• If applicable, observe staff interactions on specific training topics (such as eligibility, enrollment, cultural competency, etc.)
• Utilize individual supervision to correct and address agency-specific issues and challenges.