Travel Reimbursement and Accommodation Request Guildelines


As the Health Insurance Training Center for New York State Health Insurance Programs (HITC), CAI is able to pay for overnight hotel accommodation and/or reimburse the travel expenses of eligible LDSS staff. This is done in accordance with CAI’s contractual agreement with the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) Office of Health Insurance Programs. 


1.    Eligibility for Travel Reimbursement
Trainees must have to travel 35 miles or more from home or their usual work location to the training site to be eligible for mileage reimbursement. This is based on the lesser mileage rule – transportation expenses must be reimbursed using the lesser of: 1) mileage between the employee’s home and the alternate work location (training site); or 2) mileage between the employee’s official station (usual work location) and the alternate work location (training site) times the Internal Revenue Service mileage reimbursement rate of .58. CAI will provide a Travel Reimbursement form at the training event for travel expenses (gas mileage, tolls, parking, taxi etc) incurred by the eligible traveler. Reimbursement will occur with documented receipts only. The travel reimbursement process is based on the guidelines and rates published by the OSC at

2.    Eligibility for Paid Hotel Accommodation
Trainees will be eligible for overnight stays on the night before training, if the following conditions are met:

•    The training will begin at 9:00 AM or earlier the following day;
•    AND the trainee must travel 50 miles or 1 ½ hours or more from their office location to the training site.   

For hotel accommodations, CAI will cover the cost of a double room accommodation at hotels that provide NYS overnight accommodation rates.  If the trainee desires to stay in a single room, the trainee must pay the hotel directly for the difference between single room rates and one-half the cost of a double room.  The Contractor will cover the cost of single room accommodations in “odd man out” situations (e.g., 12 females, 13 males).   

All rooms paid for by CAI are non-smoking.  You must request a single room in order to reserve a smoking room.  Hotels charge a substantial room cleaning fee if they determine that smoking has occurred in a non-smoking room.  The hotel will directly charge the trainees registered for that room; TCHIP is not responsible for this additional fee.

Trainees will also need to present a form of payment for incidentals, and a tax exempt certificate from your agency is required.  

3.    Non-Reimbursable Costs
CAI will not reimburse for per-diem allowances for breakfast, lunch or dinner or childcare expenses.

Required Application Form for Hotel Accommodation and Travel Reimbursement Guidance

1.    Request for Hotel Accommodation
There is one Eligibility Application Form for Accommodation to be filled out in order to request overnight accommodations for a training. This form must be submitted after participants are registered for a training. This form requires agency/supervisory approval and sign-off. This form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled training, and approved participants will receive notification of approval and information about hotel bookings.

2.    Travel Reimbursement
At the training, trainees will receive a Travel Reimbursement Form if they have travelled over 35 miles to the training and think they are eligible for reimbursement based on the lesser mileage rule. They will complete and submit this form for reimbursement of mileage, tolls, parking, taxi. SDCs must arrange carpooling, which is required as the most cost-effective form of transportation and only designated drivers chosen by them will be reimbursed. SDCs or Supervisors will sign off on the Travel Reimbursement Form attesting to the accuracy of the mileage information provided in accordance with the lesser mileage rule, and document the carpool participants.


Process for Submission of an Eligibility Application for Accommodation

Notification of Approval

CAI will review the requests and notify the applicants within two weeks of receipt of the request. At that time, CAI will confirm with the applicant if a hotel room is needed and the required dates.

Process for Submitting the Travel Reimbursement Form

Approved applicants will receive a Travel Reimbursement Form at the completion of the training program.  This form must be completed and submitted after the training program has ended.  The completed Travel Reimbursement Form must be submitted as a mailed hard copy along with any original receipts for travel (e.g. train ticket/taxis, parking, tolls) to:

Cicatelli Associates Inc.
Attn: HITC Admin.
505 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1900
New York, NY 10018

Forms and Guidelines

Please click below for PDF versions of:

1. Travel Reimbursement and Accommodation Request Guidelines

2. Request for Accommodation

Applications may be submitted as a mailed hard copy or as a scanned document submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .